Become the first ever World Champion Online Rikken

Rikken is the most popular card game in the south of the Netherlands and some regions in the north of Belgium. Since 2022, players all around the world have been able to play rikken online at The website does not only attract players from the Netherlands and Belgium. Also emigrants in among others Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand have found to play their favorite card game from their home country. On the 6th of April organizes the first ever world championship online rikken.

World Championship Online Rikken 2024

Information World Championship Online Rikken 2024

  • Date & time: Saturday, April 6th, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM GMT
  • Location: online at
  • Registration via the website of IWWA
  • Maximum number of participants: 180

The World Championship online rikken is organized in cooperation with Stichting Rikken and the International World Whist Association (IWWA). Simultaneously with the World Championship Online Rikken the World Championship Offline Rikken is also played in Sint-Michielsgestel in the Netherlands. The top 2 players from both the online and offline championships will compete for the title of World Champion in Hybrid Rikken 2024.

Please note that the registration and software of are available in Dutch.

About was founded in 2022 by Jens Coenders and Edon van Asseldonk because there was no good online application for their favorite card game. Since our online rikken application went live, more than 1,300 players have registered to play online rikken. Not only players from the Netherlands and Belgium play on Also Dutch expatriates who emigrated to various countries around the world have picked up rikken. Each day more than 150 players play on Playing is free and you can register for an account here. Statistics and rankings are kept automatically. Each week, month and year, a virtual trophy is awarded to the best player for that period.

About rikken

Rikken, part of the whist family of card games, is relatively easy to learn. It’s a trick-taking game with rules that vary by region, or even by town. Therefore, we have settled on a general set of rules, which you can find here in Dutch and English. Player unfamiliar with rikken can play against robot players to learn the game.